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Enjoyable, but predictable. The animation was good, the voice acting pretty solid, concept works. Well made and comprehensive, you probably got a good mark for is.
The only gripe I actually have with it is all the people getting butthurt about the 'slanted' viewpoint.
No shit, Sherlock. It's over the top, absurd and patently not 100% true. Do you know why?
Oh, yes, right. Satire. That's a thing on the internet now, apparently.

Not exactly prime work.

You get a two for effort. But there is EVERYTHING wrong with this.

First off, peoples hands and head need to move semi-independantly from the body. Animations need to be smooth and not jump quickly. The backgrounds need to fit the screen size, or vice versa.

It needs to be longer, it needs to have actual recoil when the guns are fired and it needs feet. It needs to be more than a few half-assed days worth of on-and-off work.

Flash. Takes. Time. This is terrible.

Traced, and barely worth the title of animation.

It's a good gun, and I'll give it that. Not the drawing, but the actual gun. But that's all I really can give it. It's not worth sticking in an animation for two reasons:

It's just a gun beign drawn. It's very, very short, and that's it.

You've never heard of curving lines. The only curves are on the premade circles, and the prevalence of straight lines is jarring.

Learn to curve lines and don't trace it. Then, stick the finished product in the Art portal. This shouldn't really be animated.

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I kicked unholy amounts of ass at this game, but that's jusr because I'm far too good at typing. It's an excellently put together game, solid upgrades and level design. Of course, I found it too easy, and thus a little short, but hey, that's just me.
Nice going.


It;s a decent, if unoriginal concept, but I can't play it. It's choppy, and every few seconds, it just stops for a second, and then starts, then stops agian.

It looks great, but this is a crippling bug.
I'm using Firefox, I've cleared my cache, cookies and such, and updated to the very latest version of flash.

Seems good, but...

The art style is good, the particle effects are great, and the idea is pretty decent, but I came across a rather unique bug. I start the game, enter the first wave, and instantly have problems.

It seems the collision detection is fucked up, because the bullets pass right through obstacles and the players, so as of now, my Hank has been stanging in the same spot with a guy firing at him continuously, and he hasn't suffered a single bit of damage. Nor can I damage the guy. The only way I can damage them is by laying down a trap or mine, which work perfectly well, and those are some great gibbing effects.

Bullets will hit invisible objects and give of sparks, and if I play for long enough and fire randomly, very occasionally, I will hit something invisible that gives of a blood spurt.
I have reloaded the page several times, played in a popup, even downloaded and tried to play it, and all to no avail. Whatever this bug is, (looks to be something wrong with collision detection), it's a game-killer.

I'll give you a 5/10 because the graphics are good and the gameplay sounds solid enough, but fix the bug and maybe put some more variable terrain in there and it'll be much better.

Kudos for making the game and getting 2nd, btw.

mmankt responds:

hey! that's a pretty serious issue you are having. do you have the latest flash player and a browser like firefox/chrome/opera? such things just can't happen on their own - the code just doesn't work that way. i'm unhappy that you couldn't experience the game as intended. please try meeting the flash player/browser requirements and if the bug still occurs you can pm me and we'll figure something out. cheers!

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Banow Banow Banow!

Wheeeee! I've been listening to this for at least five minutes it's scarily hypnotizing!

Neat, very spacey

Only complaint is that it does drag on a bit, otherwise it's neat.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to reviewing your stuff like you asked (very long time)

It's niiice!

To be honest, it's not my sort of music, but I'm not going to rate it down because of that. It;s a beautifull song, it flows, and had progression. I can't find anything wrong with it really, aside from the fact that you could have had a spontaneous, totally random ending. But that's just me, most wouldn;t like that.

(It is a really good ending, the one you have there)

Yamalazoo88 responds:

lol thanks for the review!! it is slightly weird, yet cool ending!!

Cheese is fun.

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